RIDGELAND, MS May 13, 2004 - ExpertVNC, a leading developer of remote control support software, today announced that it will now operate under the name NetworkStreaming. The name change is effective immediately.

“We feel the name change to NetworkStreaming more clearly defines where we are going with our company and products. Customer growth and their suggestions really drive our need and desire to branch out and diversify. Our product line has broadened to include software and hardware offerings enabling greater flexibility and control, while remaining true to our focus: to make support representatives simultaneously mobile, available and secure,” said NetworkStreaming COO and Marketing Coordinator, Nathan McNeill.

Joel Bomgar, NetworkStreaming CEO and Chief Software Architect, said, “Our name is not the only thing that is changing. Our development team has been very busy taking our existing products to a new level of stability and functionality. We are really driving to be an industry leader and we want to design products that reflect that goal.”

Developers at NetworkStreaming are working to simplify the connection structure of their current products, SupportDeskTM, RemoteStart and the Gateway. “The goal at NetworkStreaming is to make the operation of our software and hardware as easy on our customers as is possible. Our commitment to strong developmental efforts will help us do exactly that,” said McNeill.

“We are committed to our customers and fitting our solutions to their needs. One thing about NetworkStreaming that hasn’t changed is our one time pricing,” said Bomgar. In addition to one time pricing, NetworkStreaming offers a full thirty day money back guarantee* on all products.

For information on NetworkStreaming’s remote desktop support appliance, go to https://www.bomgar.com.