Is Your POS Environment Secure?

According to the recently released 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 92 percent of the incidents analyzed over the past decade can be attributed to nine basic patterns—one of which is point-of-sale intrusions. There have been a series of high profile breaches making headlines in recent months to underscore the damage that can occur from these attacks.
Within POS attacks, Verizon found that the shared vector for major scenarios is third-party remote access software. It’s not just free tools or legacy products contributing to this problem. The report specifically named modern providers PCAnywhere and LogMeIn as examples of products that hackers are utilizing to infiltrate corporate networks. The frequency with which these solutions are leveraged for attack does not necessarily mean that they are insecure in nature. Rather, as Verizon states, “it just happens that we often find them implemented in a very insecure manner.” Read more.