How to Reduce 'Tech Effort' in Support Centers

Resolving customer issues quickly and during the first interaction takes effort. It involves creating the right culture, integrating new technologies and improving processes. Market leaders are dedicating huge sums of money to enhance their customer support or acquiring companies with proven support technology to reach these goals.

IBM's report,“The Customer-activated Enterprise,” surveyed more than 4,000 executives and came away with three common themes: companies want to be more open to customer influence, pioneer digital-physical innovation and craft engaging customer experiences. All three themes can be seen across the tech support industry. Customers want their tech issues resolved quickly, and in the communication style and channel they choose.

The research also found that 56 percent of CEOs expected to give employees more autonomy — an increase of 27 percent over the prior year’s study — and that 82 percent are investing in technology to facilitate the relationship. The days of frontline agents simply logging information for another worker to pick up appear to be on their way out. This change not only increases employee satisfaction but it also greatly reduces support costs by eliminating multiple customer touches throughout the organization. Read more.