How Mobile, BYOD and younger workers are reinventing IT

Despite big changes in technology over the past couple of decades, IT departments and the duties of their staff have stayed pretty consistent. The classic model involves help desk agents, desktop support staff, systems and network administrators, DBAs and developers, and managers at various levels reporting to a CIO or technology director. It's a system that has worked pretty well, surviving the arrival of the Internet and related shifts in both technology and culture with very little change to the actual duties of staff and running of a department.

Until now.

A combination of forces—the move to mobility, the arrival of a new generation of employees and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend—is changing the world of IT with a speed that might have seemed impossible a few years ago. The same is true about technology and how users interact with their smartphones and tablets, computers and even personal cloud services. Read more.