Green Clinic's Healthy Approach to IT Support

Operating a health-care clinic is a challenging task. The use of technology—particularly tools that help connect professionals with data and patients—is critical. At Green Clinic, a multi-specialty, non-emergency provider with a primary facility and six satellite locations in and near Ruston, La., the need to support a variety of IT tasks has prompted the company to adopt new and more powerful IT support tools.

Green Clinic treats about 1,000 patients per day across 25 specialties. The physician-owned organization is comprised of 50 doctors and about 450 employees. "Everybody is priority number one," says Jason Thomas, CIO and IT director. "Whenever a system goes down or someone has trouble getting something work correctly, we hear about it immediately." The biggest challenge, Thomas says, is simply keeping the IT infrastructure running without glitches, problems and delays. "Doctors and other health professionals don't have time for problems and downtime." Read more.