The Three Major Security Implications of the IoT

— Infosec pros have spent the past decade fighting a rising tide of both more users and more devices connecting to enterprise resources while at the same time trying to decrease the attack surface — that is, trying to shut down as many points of access as possible. Much of this is usually attempted by first inventorying connections, consolidating network systems and targeted servers, building portals to cut down on remote access, and advanced correlation of security events by a central security element. Full Story

Protect from cybercrime industry

— Visibility of network access can secure your IP, writes Stuart Facey, pictured, VP EMEA at IT access product company Bomgar. Cybercrime is increasing in its sophistication, with the make-up of each attack becoming more intelligent. From targeted spam and phishing attacks, to insider threats and third party vendor access, it is creating a truly knotty network for organisations of all sizes that’s becoming incredibly difficult to appraise and manage. Full Story

Wendy’s security breach exposes weaknesses in POS systems

— In January, The Wendy’s Co. said it was investigating possible credit card fraud at some of its restaurants. The security breach has dogged the company ever since. Last week, the Dublin, Ohio-based quick-service operator said that the breach was far larger than it initially reported, with many more than 300 restaurants affected. Full Story

New products of the week 5.30.16

— Bomgar Connect is an easy-to-use, cloud-based remote support solution that enables SMBs to provide fast, reliable support to end-users and customers. Features screen sharing, remote control, file transfer, and chat technology Full Story

Poor Airport Security Practices Just Don’t Fly

— I love living in the Tampa area for a lot of reasons, among them getting to regularly use one of the best airports in the US – Tampa International Airport (TIA). Unfortunately for the folks who run TIA, they had a spot of trouble that was reported earlier this month by the Tampa Tribune and others. Like a lot of places these days, TIA experienced an IT security breach. Unlike a lot of places—because it's an international airport—TIA has to do a lot of explaining. Full Story

Is Your IT Help Desk Helping Hackers?

— Depending on one’s technical competence, the role of a help desk might range from option of last resort to (all too) frequent savior. But whether they’re fixing problems large or small, service desk professionals are often afforded an incredible amount of access. They can view and access a wealth of sensitive systems and information, often with little or no oversight. Full Story

10 steps to ensure success when implementing chat for customer support

— Studies confirm that chat is both a cost effective and user-friendly support channel, but too many organizations add chat without proper planning or have yet to implement a modern chat support solution to support employees, partners and customers. Full Story

IoT security – it’s a job for Privileged Access Management

— According to a recent Gartner report, 43% of organisations are using, or plan to implement, an Internet of Things (IoT) policy by the end of this year, writes William Culbert, the director of solutions engineering EMEA at Bomgar. While there are many benefits for embracing the mainstream adoption of IoT, such as improved efficiencies, cost savings and enhancing customer experience, it can also bring issues of security to the forefront. Full Story

Third Party Vendors Pose Big Risks To Businesses

— An average company’s network is accessed by 89 different vendors every week. As per the new research by Bomgar on Vendor Vulnerability report, there are more than 600 IT decision makers of medium to large enterprises but only a third knew the exact number of vendors accessing their systems. Full Story

Only a third of companies know how many vendors access their systems

— The average company's network is accessed by 89 different vendors every week, according to a new research report that surveyed more than 600 IT decision makers at mid-sized and large enterprises -- but only a third were confident that they knew the exact number of vendors who had accessed their systems. Full Story

Elizabeth Hulsey | Public Relations Specialist Bomgar Corporation