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Millennials Bring New Workplace Cybersecurity Challenges

— As Baby Boomers increasingly exit the workforce and Millennials move in to take their places, HR professionals must assess and mitigate the cybersecurity risks posed by new workers who grew up in the digital age, according to a new study by Software Advice, headquartered in Austin, Texas. Full Story

The evolving face of cybercrime

— The evolution of cybercrime is multi-faceted – from social engineering integrating targeted spam and phishing attacks, to insider threats and vendor vulnerability. It’s becoming an intertwined network that’s increasingly difficult for CIOs, CISOs, and IT managers in organisations of all sizes to appraise and manage. Full Story

Are You and Your CIO in Sync?

— Keeping internal tech teams up to date on legal and compliance trends is a never-ending task for many corporate legal departments. But it remains an important one, as CIOs and CISOs developing technology plans for a company need to account for these requirements and more. Full Story

What security pros can learn from the networking team

— It's a familiar scenario: your security team wants—needs—to lock down part of your enterprise's network. And yet the network team resists you at every turn. Don't they understand that security is paramount? Do they want to get hacked? Full Story

IoT security: Isolating threats with access management

— The mainstream adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is on track to develop exponentially. Across all sectors, businesses are set to embrace IoT through connected devices of all calibres from remote working using personal devices to industrial controls streamlining manufacturing, in the strive to improve efficiency, quality and customer experience. However, while there are likely many benefits of IoT adoption, it will undoubtedly bring issues of security to the forefront. Full Story

The Three Major Security Implications of the IoT

— Infosec pros have spent the past decade fighting a rising tide of both more users and more devices connecting to enterprise resources while at the same time trying to decrease the attack surface — that is, trying to shut down as many points of access as possible. Much of this is usually attempted by first inventorying connections, consolidating network systems and targeted servers, building portals to cut down on remote access, and advanced correlation of security events by a central security element. Full Story

Protect from cybercrime industry

— Visibility of network access can secure your IP, writes Stuart Facey, pictured, VP EMEA at IT access product company Bomgar. Cybercrime is increasing in its sophistication, with the make-up of each attack becoming more intelligent. From targeted spam and phishing attacks, to insider threats and third party vendor access, it is creating a truly knotty network for organisations of all sizes that’s becoming incredibly difficult to appraise and manage. Full Story

Wendy’s security breach exposes weaknesses in POS systems

— In January, The Wendy’s Co. said it was investigating possible credit card fraud at some of its restaurants. The security breach has dogged the company ever since. Last week, the Dublin, Ohio-based quick-service operator said that the breach was far larger than it initially reported, with many more than 300 restaurants affected. Full Story

New products of the week 5.30.16

— Bomgar Connect is an easy-to-use, cloud-based remote support solution that enables SMBs to provide fast, reliable support to end-users and customers. Features screen sharing, remote control, file transfer, and chat technology Full Story

Poor Airport Security Practices Just Don’t Fly

— I love living in the Tampa area for a lot of reasons, among them getting to regularly use one of the best airports in the US – Tampa International Airport (TIA). Unfortunately for the folks who run TIA, they had a spot of trouble that was reported earlier this month by the Tampa Tribune and others. Like a lot of places these days, TIA experienced an IT security breach. Unlike a lot of places—because it's an international airport—TIA has to do a lot of explaining. Full Story

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