30% of NHS Trusts Hit by Ransomware

— New research from SentinelOne has revealed that 30% of NHS Trusts have suffered a ransomware attack, potentially placing patient data and lives at risk. In the Freedom of Information study that the firm made to 129 NHS Trusts, responses were received from 94 whilst three refused to answer, stating that their response could harm their commercial interests. One Trust – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – admitting to suffering an attack 19 times in just 12 months. Full Story

6 things retail CIOs need to keep in mind in 2017

— According to Forrester, U.S. online holiday sales will total more than $100 billion in 2016, a growth of 13 percent since last year. This will result in a major milestone: Shoppers will spend an equal amount online vs. in stores, predicts the 2016 Deloitte holiday shopping survey. As retailers seek to compete in this fast-moving, ever-evolving digital space, as well as use technology to take brick-and-mortar to the next level on the shelves, throughout the supply chain and at the point of sale, CIOs have a great deal on their plate. Full Story

New products of the week 12.19.16

— Key features: Bomgar Remote Support 16.2, the industry’s first HTML5 Web Rep Console, enables IT service desks and customer support centers to access/fix nearly any remote device, running any platform, located anywhere. Full Story

Evolving face of cyber crime: Unsecured vendor access creates the perfect storm

— The evolution of cybercrime is multi-faceted – from targeted spam and phishing attacks, to insider threats and third party vendor access. It’s becoming a knotty network that’s increasingly difficult for CIOs, CISOs, and IT managers in organisations of all sizes to appraise and manage. Full Story

A fence, a guard dog, a patrolling drone – but have you left the back door open?

— In a digital world, data is constantly exchanged for various products and services.There’s an understanding or, in many cases, an assumption, that the data that is shared is being protected.This is not always the case. You just have to look at the plethora of global headlines highlighting the latest stories detailing security breaches or data loss. Full Story

Putting Industrial Control System Operators In The Security Driving Seat

— Industrial Controls is a coined term that encompasses a number of control systems that are present, predominantly within industrial production. These controls are managed through remote stations, both automated and operator driven, distributing commands to manage supervision, control and production. However, as industrial controls manage power, transport, water, gas and other critical infrastructure, the potential disruption and resulting downtime from any issue to these systems can have a significant impact to national infrastructure. Full Story

New infosec products of the week​: December 9, 2016

— Bomgar released Bomgar Remote Support 16.2, the latest version of its enterprise-leading remote support software. Bomgar Remote Support enables IT service desks and customer support centers to access and fix nearly any remote device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world. Full Story

Interview: William Culbert, Director of Solutions Engineering, Bomgar

— If there’s one key lesson to take away from 2016 it’s that, in a relatively short period of time, the healthcare sector has become one the most highly-targeted industries by cyber-criminals seeking to get hold of sensitive and personal data. As the year progressed we saw a raft of ransomware attacks on the NHS and medical practices across the globe, with some hospitals forced to cancel appointments and operations as a result of their files and information being locked down. Full Story

How to secure your service desk

— Scott Walker’s time as a service desk support engineer has given him first-hand experience dealing with IT support challenges. Now working for Bomgar, Scott explains his perspective on how the service desk can stay secure without slowing the team. Full Story

A Look Ahead at 2017: 2017 security predictions

— From W-2 scams to WordPress vulnerabilities, ransomware, business email compromises, DDos attacks and allegations of a hacked presidential election -- 2016's been a hell of a year in cybersecurity, and it's not over yet. There's no reason to believe 2017 will be any better. If anything, it could be even worse as cybercriminals continue to push social engineering, find new ways to deliver malware, crack vulnerable databases and leverage mobile technology to find ways to get inside corporate defenses and target individuals. Full Story

Elizabeth Hulsey | Public Relations Specialist Bomgar Corporation