• Bomgar helps hundreds of IT outsourcers provide superior remote tech support to clients and customers.
  • Bomgar’s unique appliance-based remote support solution allows service providers to expand offerings and improve data security for customers.

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JACKSON, MS – December 17, 2013 – Bomgar, the leader in enterprise remote support solutions, today announced that more than 340 IT service providers are using its secure remote support solution to provide superior tech support. Whether supporting businesses or individual consumers, Bomgar has enabled these service providers, such as CSC and Plumchoice, to enhance their customer support experience and increase technician productivity.

IT service providers and outsourcers face high customer expectations when it comes to tech support. As systems grow more complex and clients become increasingly mobile, providing support for customers’ various devices and applications is a challenge. To complicate matters further, security requirements are rarely uniform across clients and industries. Bomgar’s unique, appliance-based remote support solution allows service providers to remotely access and fix nearly any of their clients’ devices—from laptops to servers to tablets, POS systems and kiosks—while maintaining compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.

JMC IT and NowNerd are two IT service providers that have recently transformed their support offerings with Bomgar.

JMC IT delivers support and expertise to more than 450 clients across the UK, including global brand names in sport and leisure, such as Manchester United FC, Everton FC and Liverpool FC, alongside some of the UK’s fastest growing professional services companies. The SupportCare team at JMC provides everything from incident handling to on-site installation and outsourced IT management.

Prior to Bomgar, JMC IT used a wide variety of different remote access technologies to connect to customer systems on an ad-hoc basis, which was inefficient and created an inconsistent support experience for customers. “One of the main requirements for our new remote access tool was that it would make our team more efficient,” said Steven Pallett, SupportCare manager, JMC IT. “However, any remote access to our clients’ devices and networks had to be both auditable and secure.”

With Bomgar, the support team immediately saw a significant improvement in both service to end users and support staff productivity. “We have streamlined our support performance and reduced the need to visit clients, which means we can do more with the same level of staff resources. From a customer standpoint, we have been able to fix 98 per cent of all incidents remotely. When you consider that we are handling more than 20,000 incidents per year, that’s impressive,” commented Pallett.

JMC IT has also added Bring Your Own Device / Mobile support as part of its overall service offerings, as Bomgar allows them to support a wide range of mobile, tablet and PC devices. Bomgar has also expanded their ability to collaborate securely with both clients and suppliers. Using the Rep Invite feature, JMC can invite third parties to investigate issues with customer IT assets collaboratively while the client remains in control throughout the session. “Secure collaboration is a great opportunity for us to support our clients in a more efficient way, as we can bring together subject experts around a particular topic when they are required.”

NowNerd, headquarted in Beaverton, Oregon, provides IT technical support for consumers and businesses of all sizes. Growing from a company that initially supplied only on-site support for organizations, NowNerd’s business changed dramatically when it contracted with a national retailer to provide remote support as well.
“Before we knew it, we were performing hundreds of thousands of remote support sessions for this client,” said Geoff Turner, CEO of NowNerd. “The retailer originally had us using LogMeIn Rescue as the remote support tool, but we found it had a number of limitations, including difficulty establishing connections to the clients’ systems, the need for technicians to memorize complicated keystroke shortcuts, and limited ability to tailor the tool’s interface to our client’s branding.”

“We wanted to create a dashboard platform that would enhance our technicians’ capabilities and improve  efficiencies, as well as offer our customers a turnkey remote support solution that provides an extremely easy experience for their users and can be customized to their specifications,” said Turner. “We knew that LogMeIn Rescue did not have the capabilities we needed to build this new platform, so we began testing several other solutions, including Bomgar.

Having the Bomgar appliance within NerdDeck’s firewall and Bomgar’s use of SSL encryption and authentication controls helped alleviate any PCI compliance concerns that NerdDeck’s clients might have had with regard to credit card transactions. “And our technicians absolutely love how easy it is to establish sessions and troubleshoot using Bomgar. That really solidified the decision for us,” continued Turner. “With Bomgar, we have an enterprise solution that can support us no matter where the business takes us. It is at the foundation of everything we do.”

For full case studies about JMC IT, NowNerd and other IT service providers using Bomgar, please visit: www.bomgar.com/customers.

About Bomgar
Bomgar is the leader in enterprise remote support solutions for easily and securely supporting computing systems and mobile devices. The company’s appliance-based products help organizations improve tech support efficiency and performance by enabling them to securely support nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world — including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more.  More than 7,500 organizations across 65 countries have deployed Bomgar to rapidly improve customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing costs. Bomgar is privately held with offices in Jackson, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Paris, London and Singapore.  You can find Bomgar on the web at www.bomgar.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.