JACKSON, MS - June 9, 2011 - Bomgar, the worldwide leader in secure, appliance-based remote support solutions, today introduced Bomgar Analytics, a brand new dashboard and reporting solution that allows IT organizations to easily view and analyze the valuable IT support data captured by their Bomgar remote support solution. Featuring stunning dashboard views and customizable reports, Bomgar Analytics provides a unique view into the details of an organization’s remote support sessions, empowering IT service desks to optimize their operations and performance.  

Bomgar Analytics was specifically designed to enable IT organizations to easily analyze key support metrics and trends, pinpoint support challenges or opportunities, and quickly take corrective actions, continuously monitoring performance and fine-tuning processes over time.  With more than a dozen interactive pre-loaded reports, Bomgar Analytics leverages data contained in an organization’s Bomgar solution to display key industry-standard metrics, such as remote support session counts and length, average wait time, abandonment rates and customer satisfaction.  Bomgar Analytics allows users to view or drill down on specific data any way they wish-by team, by technician, by device or operating system, and more.

Bomgar Analytics also gives users the flexibility to customize any pre-defined report or build their own. While the report builder is extremely intuitive, Bomgar also offers services to help IT organizations create and implement highly-customized reports if they desire.   

“Most IT support organizations can track macro-level activities, such as how long a ticket is open or if an issue is escalated, but they don’t have a lot of insight into what actually occurs during the issue resolution itself,” said Nathan McNeill, chief strategy officer at Bomgar.  “Because Bomgar tracks and records everything that occurs during the resolution process, it allows IT organizations to quickly identify major trends or anomalies, and drill into specific problem areas and opportunities for improvement. With Bomgar Analytics, our customers now have a simple-to-use view into both macro- and micro-level data across all of their remote support sessions, allowing them to optimize their overall support center performance.”

According to the MIT Sloan Management Review report, “Big Data, Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value,” in a survey of 3,000 executives, managers and analysts, “top-performing organizations use analytics five times more than lower performers.”  The report also states that in order “for analytics-driven insights to be consumed-that is, to trigger new actions across the organization-they must be closely linked to business strategy, easy for end-users to understand and embedded into organizational process so that action can be taken at the right time.”  Bomgar Analytics is tightly integrated into an IT organization’s day-to-day support processes so corrective actions and resolutions can be made in real-time.

“Our Bomgar solution captures invaluable information from our remote support sessions,” said Rich Surace, VP of Services at Carbonite. “With Bomgar Analytics we’ll be able to consolidate and analyze that data to determine how to better resolve issues, allocate resources, improve training, and more.  We’re looking forward to extending the value of our current Bomgar solution with Bomgar Analytics.”

Bomgar Analytics is available to all Bomgar enterprise license customers for an additional fee.  For more information and to watch a video demonstration of Bomgar Analytics, please visit: www.bomgar.com/analytics.


About Bomgar

Bomgar is the worldwide leader in secure, appliance-based remote support solutions.  The company’s award-winning solutions enable organizations to improve IT support efficiency by securely accessing and managing virtually any system - Windows, Mac, Linux, BlackBerry, the iPhone, iPad and most versions of Windows Mobile, regardless of their location.  More than 5,500 companies around the world have deployed Bomgar’s enterprise-class solutions to rapidly transform their IT support functions and significantly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing costs.  Bomgar is privately-held with offices in Jackson, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Paris and London.  In 2010, Bomgar was named one of the fastest-growing technology companies in America by Deloitte.