Left seemingly rotting away over a decade ago, kept alive by a cash infusion from its arch-rival Microsoft (NewsAlert),  Apple’s products are now the eyes, and in the hands of seemingly every individual and business. If a consumer or employee doesn’t have an Apple product they keep watch over what that company produces next in case they want to take a bite (byte?) from it or what the vendors of their computers, smartphones or entertainment devices do in response. Nearly one in three companies in North America and Europe currently supports the Apple iPhone, according to Forrester Research (NewsAlert), and sales for the iPad have surpassed 3.2 million units.

The popularity of Apple’s products means for businesses that their CIOs can no longer afford to ignore the time their support team is spending to help users configure these devices, whether they’re owned by the company or individuals.

That’s where Bomgar Corporation, which makes secure, appliance-based remote support tools, comes in. The latest 10.5.2 version of its Bomgar Appliance now offers new remote support features for devices using the Apple iOS platform, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, making it easier for IT organizations to deal with the influx of iOS devices within enterprises. Read More