Support the memory – “Support is the lens through which everything else in IT is judged,  especially the CIO,” said Nathan McNeill, co-founder & VP of Product Strategy, Marketing at Bomgar. “Even if a CIO delivers ‘five-nines’  availability and reliability, if his or her support services are poor,  that’s what people will remember.”

Indeed, look at the entire IT customer experience to determine what people inside your company think of you. These are the people who will speak the loudest — for or against — your advancement at this or your next employers’ (you aren’t the only one that changes jobs). Word gets around, in other words, so it’s prudent to know what that word is relative to you. Work on making sure customers’ memory of you is rock-solid. As it always has, reputation matters.

“Users don’t care about aggregate uptime if their specific issues aren’t resolved quickly,” explains McNeill. Focus on keeping customers happy and making sure they know you personally. Read More