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Bomgar Vault integrates seamlessly with Bomgar Remote Support to inject credentials into remote systems, giving technicians admin-level access without them ever seeing admin credentials.

When a technician is in a Remote Support session with an end-user, they can instantly elevate the customer client by injecting admin credentials from Bomgar Vault.

The technician can also use the Run-As command and select his admin account from Bomgar Vault to elevate applications.

For UAC Prompts, clicking the key icon passes the username and password directly from Bomgar Vault to complete the login.

If a technician needs to switch the account during a session, they can also use the key icon to instantly login as an admin.

When launching a jump client, the key can be used to login with the admin account.

Credential injection also works with RDP sessions to Windows servers, or when using SSH to connect to a Linux server.

With Bomgar Vault, technicians gain admin-level access to remote systems without having to know, share, or find admin credentials. To learn more, contact your sales rep or visit

Bomgar Vault s'intègre parfaitement avec Bomgar Remote Support et permet d'injecter des identifiants dans des systèmes distants : les techniciens peuvent ainsi bénéficier d'accès avec droits administrateur sans qu'ils ne voient les informations de connexion. 

Lorsque le technicien est dans une session Remote Support avec un utilisateur, il peut lui accorder des droits supérieurs instantanément en injectant les identifiants administrateur depuis Bomgar Vault (vidéo et script en anglais).