What's New in Bomgar Vault 17.2


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar Vault 17.2, including:

  • Enhanced Installation
  • Revamped Discovery Tool
  • Updated Navigation
  • SSH Key Rotation
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar Vault 17.2

Enhanced Installation

Streamlined settings allow for easy configuration of the Bomgar Vault site and initial Bomgar Vault user during installation.

Revamped Discovery Tool

Discover privileged accounts on your network using the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool. The improved interface allows you to seamlessly navigate through the discovery process, easily filter results, and quickly export findings into a CSV.

Updated Navigation

The Bomgar Vault user interface has a new and easy-to-read top navigation and step navigation, which allows you to click between pages and steps within the application.

SSH Key Rotation

Use Bomgar Vault to rotate SSH keys within your network to ensure your most critical systems are secure.