What's New in Bomgar Vault 17.1


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar Vault 17.1, including:

  • Credential and Endpoint Association
  • Dashboard Enhancements
  • Enhanced Installation
  • New Licensing Experience
  • Remote Services
  • Revamped User Security Roles
  • Security Provider Support
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar Vault 17.1

Credential and Endpoint Association

Associate credentials with endpoints directly from the credential or endpoint user interfaces.

Dashboard Enhancements

Monitor credentials and endpoints and troubleshoot issues with the improved dashboard on the Bomgar Vault homepage.

Enhanced Installation

Bomgar Vault expedites installation for administrators in high availability configured environments by enabling segmented pieces of the Vault application to be installed on separate servers.

New Licensing Experience

Bomgar Vault software licenses are uploaded directly through the web administrative interface, allowing users to easily renew subscriptions and to incorporate add-on services.

Remote Rotation Service

The Bomgar Vault Remote Rotation Service allows credentials to be rotated on remote networks that are separated from the centralized Bomgar Vault server environment. Communication between the Bomgar Vault server and the remote networks occurs over an encrypted, configurable port, allowing secure and seamless credential rotation. A single rotation service may be deployed per network or across multiple networks, allowing companies to scale their credential security as their business expands.

Revamped User Security Roles

Security role administration has been updated to give administrators freedom to assign granular sets of permissions to users.

Security Provider Support

Bomgar Vault now supports leveraging multiple security providers, such as Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS, and E-Directory, when logging into the application.