Security Providers Settings for Vault

The Security Providers tab allows you to set up and manage security providers, such as RADIUS and DUO, in Vault. Here, you can configure security providers as needed to meet your requirements. You can also edit and delete existing security providers.

New Security Provider

Click New Security Provider to begin configuring a security provider for your Vault application.


Type the name of the security provider you are adding to your Vault application.


Select a provider type from the dropdown menu: Active Directory, eDirectory, DUO, RADIUS, LDAP, or Bomgar Verify.

Note: Some platforms have more complex connection requirements than others, requiring additional fields and information to be completed for them.

Used for

Select whether the security provider is being used for login authentication, for credential rotation, or for both.

Existing Security Providers


Displays the name of the security provider.


Displays the security provider type (Active Directory, eDirectory, DUO, RADIUS, LDAP, or Bomgar Verify).

Used for

Indicates if the security provider is used for authentication, credential rotation, or both.


Click the View icon to view the security provider's settings.


Click the Edit icon to make minor changes to a security provider's settings.


Click the Delete icon to delete the security provider. A popup dialog asks you to confirm deletion.