Review Platforms Settings

The Platforms tab lists all of the systems Vault can connect to and allows you to add and to validate your access to those systems. Bomgar Vault comes with a number of common platforms and connectors preconfigured. Before creating custom platforms, review the default platforms listing to see if they meet your needs.

Administration > Settings

Go to Administration > Settings > Platforms.


Filter Platforms

Administration > Settings > Platforms > Filter Platforms

Filter the platforms based on the type of system for which you wish to make a connection. You can refresh the list to show exactly what you need, such as particular applications, services that you need to restart, databases, or operating systems.

The dropdown platform search list presents the following system types by which you can filter, streamlining the platform listing:

  • Application
  • Database
  • Default (Windows Domain)
  • Network
  • Networking
  • Operating System
  • Services
  • Telephony

Check Platforms

Administration > Settings > Platforms > Check Platforms

Check to make sure that all the necessary connectors are functioning properly. Once the check has been completed, you can review the Security Audit Report (Reports > Audit > Security Audit) for more details. If any connection components are missing, the platform is deactivated. Automated validation and rotation are no longer possible until the proper prerequisites are in place.

Add a New Platform

If you review the default platforms and platform types and find that you need to add a custom platform, follow the steps below.

Administration > Settings > Platforms > New Platform Detail

  1. Click New Platform Detail.


    Administration > Settings > Platforms > Platform Details

  3. Select what type of platform to add.

  4. Type a name for the platform.

  5. Choose whether an automatic or a manual connection is needed for operation.

  6. Click Accept.


Note: Some platforms have more complex connection requirements than others, requiring additional fields and information.

For more information about modifying existing platforms, please see Platforms Setting for Vault .