Create Endpoint Groups in Bomgar Vault

Note: If you are a Vault Go! customer, this section does not apply.

Note: If you are a Vault Go! user, you do not need to configure endpoints in your instance.

Endpoint groups allow you to segment multiple endpoints and multiple credentials into a centralized group. This allows you to easily access the endpoints within the group with a set number of credentials, which simplifies system maintenance within your network.

  1. Go to Endpoints > Endpoint Groups.

Endpoints > Endpoint Groups > New Endpoint Group

  1. Click New Endpoint Group.

Endpoints > Endpoint Group > Add Endpoint Group

  1. Enter a name for the endpoint group along with a description of the group.
  1. Select endpoints from the Unassigned group.
  1. Click the > arrow to assign the endpoints to the group.
  1. Click the Credentials tab.

Endpoints > Endpoint Groups > Credentials

  1. If you wish to associate specific credentials with the endpoint group, enter the name of an existing credential within the Vault application.
  1. Select the purpose of the credential, Rotation or Integration.
  1. Click Add.
  1. When you are finished adding all of your endpoints and credentials to the group, click Accept.

Note: To edit, view, or delete endpoint groups, return to the Endpoint Groups home screen.