Add Security Providers in Vault

The Security Providers tab allows you to configure and manage your security providers, such as RADIUS and DUO, in Vault. In this setting section, you can configure Bomgar Vault to work with the security providers you already use within your environment.

Administration > Settings

  1. Go to Administration > Settings > Security Providers.

  3. Click New Security Provider.

Administration > Settings > Security Providers > New Security Provider

Administration > Settings > Security Providers > Add New Security Provider

  1. Type the name of the security provider you are adding to your Vault application.

  2. Select a provider type from the dropdown menu: Active Directory, eDirectory, DUO, RADIUS, LDAP, or Bomgar Verify.

Note: The information required differs based on the provider type selected.

  1. Select whether the security provider is being used for login authentication, for credential rotation, or for both.

  2. Enter the following information based on the provider type.
    • Active Directory
      • Domain (required)
      • Associated credential
      • Network
      • SSL Connection required?
    • eDirectory
      • Port (required)
      • Associated Credential
      • Server (required)
      • Search Base DN
      • Network
      • SSL Connection required?
    • DUO
      • lkey (required)
      • Skey (required)
      • Host Name (required)
    • RADIUS
      • Host (required)
      • Port (required)
      • Secret (required)
      • Secret confirmation (required)
    • LDAP
      • Port (required)
      • Associated credential
      • Server (required)
      • IP Address
      • Network
      • SSL Connection required?
    • Bomgar Verify
      • Web service URL (required)
  3. Click Accept. The provider appears in the Security Provider listing.

Administration > Settings > Security Providers > List

You can add as many security providers as needed to comply with your company's security best practices. For more information about modifying security provider information, please see Security Providers Settings for Bomgar Vault .