Add Remote Services in Bomgar Vault

Remote Services enable administrators to access, monitor, troubleshoot, and repair remote systems to ensure issues are resolved quickly and to audit traffic for security purposes. For the Bomgar Vault application, an initial remote service for the Vault server environment is established during the application's installation process; however, additional remote services may need to be established for other server environments to ensure Bomgar Vault can rotate credentials for all aspects of your business. For more information about installing remote services, please see Remote Service Installation. Once you have the remote services installed, you can add these remote services in the Vault application.

  1. From the Bomgar Vault homepage, click Administration > Settings > Remote Services. Click New Remote Service.

Remote Service Form

  1. Complete all required fields
  • Remote Service Name: The name of the remote service which is being installed.
  • Network: The network where the service is located.
  • Parent: The network where Bomgar Vault resides.
  • Remote Service URL: The URL where the remote service can be reached.
  1. Click Accept.


Note: Required fields are indicated via a red asterisk listed beside the field name.


Note: The remote service must be provided in the following format: https://IP:9000/.

For more information on networks and installing remote services, please see Remote Service Installation .