Confirm the Bomgar Remote Support and Bomgar Vault Integration Works

After you have configured Bomgar Remote Support (RS), Bomgar Vault, and the Endpoint Credential Manager (ECM), it is time to see if the integration works.

Rep Console Login

  1. Log into the Bomgar RS rep console with the user configured in both RS and Vault.

    Jump Item List

  3. If an endpoint was configured, select the endpoint created in Bomgar Vault. Or, simply start a session. For more information about session start options in RS, please see Support Session Start Options.
  4. Click the Play button to start Screen Sharing.

    Key Icon

  6. From the tool bar, click on the Key icon.

    Access Granted

  8. Select the credential you created in Bomgar Vault. You should be able to log into the system without entering any credentials.