Install and Configure the Endpoint Credential Manager

The Bomgar Endpoint Credential Manager (ECM) allows you to quickly configure your connection. The Endpoint Credential Manager must be installed on your computer to enable the Bomgar ECM service.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or newer, 64-bit only
  • .NET 4.5 or newer

Note: When installing the Endpoint Credential Manager for use with Bomgar Vault, we recommend installing it on a machine with a static IP address to avoid potential issues with Vault's IP whitelisting for the API.

  1. To begin, download the Bomgar Endpoint Credential Manager from Bomgar Support . Start the Bomgar Endpoint Credential Manager Setup Wizard.

    Bomgar ECM EULA

  2. Agree to the EULA terms and conditions. Mark the checkbox if you agree, and click Install.

Note: You will not be allowed to proceed with the installation unless you agree to the EULA.


Bomgar ECM Setup

  1. Click Next.

    Bomgar ECM Destination Folder

  3. Choose a location for the Credential Manager and click Next.

  4. On the next screen, you can begin the installation or review any previous step.

  5. Click Install when you are ready to begin.

  6. The installation will take a few moments. On the screen, Click Finish.


Configure a Connection to Bomgar Vault

Using the ECM Configurator, set up a connection to Bomgar Vault.

  1. Locate the ECM Configurator you just installed using the Windows Search entry field or by viewing your Start menu programs list.
  2. Run the program to begin establishing a connection.
  3. When the ECM Configurator opens, complete the fields. All fields are required.
  4. Enter the following values:
    Field Label Value
    Username The Admin username for Bomgar PAM.
    Password The Admin password for Bomgar PAM.
    Site The URL for your Bomgar PAM instance.
    Port The server port through which the ECM connects to your site.
    Plugin Click the Choose Plugin... button to locate the plugin.
  5. When you click the Choose Plugin... button, the ECM location folder opens.
  6. Paste your plugin files into the folder.
  7. Open the plugin file to begin loading.
  8. After the plugin for the ECM is loaded, open the plugin configuration dialog.

Configure the Vault Plugin

Now, you must configure the Vault Plugin to connect to your Vault instance.

Vault Plugin for Remote Support Vault Plugin for PAM 15.3.2

  1. The Endpoint URL should be the URL for your Vault instance: https://localhost/BomgarVaultWebAPI/Credentials.asmx.

Note: Change localhost to a name or IP address as necessary. Make sure SSL is enabled for your Vault server.

  1. Enter the Shared Key.
  2. Select Show All Credentials to include credentials that are already checked out and unavailable for use.
  3. Set up your default Vault domain. This must match the domain of your PAM installation. The default domain is used if you are logging into PAM with a local account, ensuring that there is always a domain used with the integration when retrieving credentials from Vault.
  4. Next, map the domain(s), translating the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to the NetBIOS name expected in Vault. Enter one domain per line.

Note: It is possible that you may see a certificate entry form or credentials prompt when you open the plugin, depending on the system to which you are connecting.


To apply new settings in the configuration, restart the ECM service.