Troubleshooting the Integration

If you experience problems, you can quickly test the API that Vault uses, simulating the plugin request from the Remote Support representative console when you connect to a specified remote system . There are two useful test processes:

  1. The API can be tested directly in Vault.
    • First, back up the web.config, then edit the web.config:
      • Go to C:\Program Files\BomgarVault\WebSite\WebServices
      • Open the webservice and comment out or remove the line:
        • <remove name="Documentation"/>
    • Save the file, and restart IIS. Using the same URL you used in the ECM, open a browser and enter the URL.
  2. The Endpoint Credential Manager includes a test function to ensure that the ECM is able to return results. This test simulates the representative console request to the plugin when connecting to remote systems.
    • Click the Test Settings button in the Vault configuration screen.

Vault User Test

    • Enter the Vault user ID for the credential you wish to test. Click OK.


Vault Endpoint Test

    • Next, enter a Vault remote system to test your connection (for example, my-server-hostname). Click OK.

      Vault Test Results

    • A dialog appears indicating if any credentials were or were not found. If credentials are found, the results appear in the dialog as well.