Identify Causes for Failed Remote Service Installations

If the remote service installation fails, check the following items:

  • The installation was completed using an administrative user.
  • The certificate store has the correct certificates listed. Follow the steps below to troublehoot the issue.

Review the Certificates in the Certificate Store


  1. Go to the Run application.
  2. Open MMC.

    Add/Remove Snap in...

  4. Select File > Add/Remove Snap-in....
  5. Double-click Certificates.

    Certificate Snap-in

  7. Select Computer account. Click Next.

    Console Root

  9. Click OK.
  10. Select Console root > Certificates > Personal > Certificates.

    Private Certificates

  12. Verify that you have two private certificates, one titled Bomgar Vault and the other with the name of the remote service.
  13. Select both certificates. Right-click on the selections. Click Delete.
  14. Try to install the remote service again.