Overview of the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool

Discovery is an essential part of keeping your environment secure. With the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool, you can identify vulnerable privileged accounts and learn important information about those accounts, including:

  • Platform: The platform type of endpoints associated with the scanned accounts.
  • Location: The location of the accounts within your network.
  • Credentials: Information about the credentials associated with the accounts.

Once the discovery tool has uncovered these accounts, you can import them into the Bomgar Vault application, where the accounts can be properly validated, rotated, and managed. Using the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool gives you key insight into the most vulnerable areas of your network and helps you prevent security breaches within your organization.

This guide walks you through how to use the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool to scan your privileged accounts and how to export this information.

Topics Covered in the Discovery Tool Guide