Bomgar iPad Representative Console


The new Bomgar iPad Representative (Rep) Console allows IT support technicians to access, view and fix a remote computer or mobile device directly from their iPad or iPad 2. Taking a big step forward from basic remote access apps, the Bomgar iPad Rep Console lets support technicians work on multiple remote support sessions at once, plus invite other in-house and external support reps to simultaneously collaborate on the same session.

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Transcript: Bomgar iPad Representative Console


Hi, my name is Donald Hasson, product engineer here at Bomgar. And today I'm excited to announce that Bomgar has developed the very first iPad remote support representative console, to help IT respond to the demands of an always-on workforce.

Armed with only an iPad, your support team can now provide instant support from a meeting room down the hall or from a coffee shop in Berlin.

The first iPad app designed specifically for enterprise remote support, Bomgar allows you to run multiple sessions at once, allows multiple support reps to simultaneously work in the same session, and provides an integrated, secure method to collaborate with third-party vendors. And because session traffic routes only through your Bomgar Appliance even from an iPad, session data and recordings are always secure behind your firewall.

Example Scenario

So let's see how it works.

Suppose I'm an IT support rep out to lunch, and I get an urgent call from one of my coworkers. He tells me our CFO is in London preparing to meet with a group of shareholders in thirty minutes. He's trying to pull up highly confidential financial information from our SharePoint site, and he's seeing an error message. Because I've worked with SharePoint issues before, my team thought I could resolve his issue faster.

Jump Clients provide me unattended access, but I don't have his machine in our Jump Client list, so I'll just email a session link to get us connected. There's our CFO, Tal, in my personal queue. I'll just accept his session to get us started. I'll verify with Tal that I can view his screen, start screen sharing, zoom in.

Yeah, this is an error that I've seen before, but it's something that I'm going to need to look at the SharePoint server to resolve. Fortunately, I have that server in my Jump Client list, so I'll click on the Jump Client to start a session.

First, let's verify the server's CPU is not pegged out. I'll just use a special action to run the task manager. While it looks like the memory is pretty high, the CPU is fine.

Next, I need to take a look at the SharePoint log, so I'll open the log file to see if there's an error message. Here's the error, but it's not something I can fix, myself. Fortunately, Bomgar's Embassy technology allows me to bring external reps into the session. So I'll transfer the session to my Microsoft Embassy now.

The Microsoft rep has notified me that the issue is resolved. Let's see if we can get that spreadsheet pulled up for the CFO. Return to the session, refresh the Internet Explorer page, and it looks like it's working. We'll just verify that we can open the file. And we're good.

Using Bomgar's iPad representative console, I could have rebooted his machine, walked him through some steps using the virtual pointer, worked simultaneously in the session with another rep, or deployed a Bomgar Button to the CFO's desktop so he could get right back to me if needed.

For now, I need to get back to the office, but I want to hand this session off to one of my coworkers so he can stay with the CFO until he gets the file printed and everything set up. I'll verify that Mike's available to help the CFO out. We'll just transfer the session over to Mike.

Thanks for watching our early preview of the Bomgar iPad representative console. The app will be free for all Bomgar customers and will be officially available this summer. For more information, please visit our website.