Bomgar iOS Customer Client – iPhone & iPad Support


Bomgar offers the most robust remote support capabilities available for the iPhone and iPad. Watch how the Bomgar customer client allows technicians supporting iOS devices to:

  • Co-browse a Web site or Web application to see what the user sees
  • Push web resources
  • View screen shots the end-user captures
  • Chat with the end-user
  • Send iOS Configuration Profiles for device settings

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Transcript: Bomgar iOS Customer Client – iPhone and iPad Support

Every day, more and more people are using iPhones and iPads for work. And when they have a problem with their device, they expect IT to provide tech support.

The new Bomgar iOS customer client now makes it easier to remotely support iPhones and iPads. Whether the user needs help configuring the device or fixing a broken app, tech support professionals can use Bomgar to help them, no matter where they are in the world.

With the Bomgar iOS customer client, you can chat in real time with your end users to understand the issue. Co-browse and use screenshots right from the user's mobile device. Take action to resolve the issue, such as sending key updates right to the smartphone. And push configuration profiles to connect end users to Wi-Fi, email, or other company systems.

With increased support for iPhones and iPads, you and your mobile users will be more productive, making your job easier and your end-users happier.

The Bomgar iOS customer client will be available soon. Please visit today to learn more.