Integrating Bomgar with HP Service Manager


Bomgar's integration package for HP Service Manager integrates remote support, chat and survey capabilities for the help desk. This video demonstrates how the two solutions work together.

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Transcript: Integrating Bomgar with HP Service Manager


Hi, I'm Boatner Blankenstein, director of solutions engineering here at Bomgar. Today I'm going to show you Bomgar's brand-new integration with HP Service Manager, which enables service desk representatives to use Bomgar's remote support solution to work in conjunction with HP Service Manager. I'm going to show you two scenarios, first from the perspective of the representative providing support, and then from the perspective of the end-user or the customer.

Starting a Session with a Session Key

Here we have the service desk rep's view of HP Service Manager. The rep can create a new ticket or open an existing one, like this. If the rep wants to start a remote support session with a customer, all they have to do is select Start Bomgar Support Session from the dropdown menu. The rep is instantly presented with a session key to invite the customer into a Bomgar remote support session.

The key can be read over the phone, or the rep can click to email the link to the customer. The customer then enters the session key into the Bomgar portal page or clicks on the session URL from their email, clicks Yes to confirm the session, and then downloads the small Bomgar customer client executable.

The rep will then accept the incoming session by clicking Yes. This will open a new tab in their Bomgar representative console. Now the rep can request to see the customer's screen. For security, the customer must accept the screen-sharing request.

Now the rep can see the customer's screen and take control of their mouse and keyboard. At this point, the rep can directly fix the customer's issue while continuing to chat. The Special Actions menu allows the rep to have direct access to the control panel and many other commonly used functions, such as the registry editor.

The File Transfer tab allows for a graphical, bi-directional transfer of files between the rep and the customer.

The Command Shell tab allows the rep to directly access the customer's command prompt without interfering with the existing screen-sharing session.

System Information provides the rep with a very quick overview of the system being supported: things like the computer name, the default browser, memory information, or you can drill down deeper and see things like startup programs or other installed applications.

The Summary tab is a great place for the technician to enter notes about the steps taken to resolve the customer's problem.

Once the problem is solved, the rep can click the X to end the session.

The Bomgar customer client is then automatically uninstalled from the customer's system. They will then be presented with an optional customer exit survey, where they can rate the experience.

If the rep then views the ticket in HP Service Manager, he'll see a new Support Sessions tab, where this most recent session will be displayed. When they view the details of the Bomgar support session, they'll see information collected by Bomgar, such as the computer name, IP address, the duration, system information, session notes entered by the technician, and the complete chat transcript. If a customer exit survey was submitted, this information will also be available.

Starting a Session from the HP Service Manager Self-Service Portal

Now, let's quickly look at what happens when a customer's having a problem and wants to request a remote support session.

The customer logs into the HP Service Manager Self-Service Portal and creates a new request or opens an existing one. All the customer has to do is select Get Support Now, and immediately, a Bomgar chat window pops up.

Over in the Bomgar representative console, the new request beeps and flashes so they know someone is requesting help. Bomgar can automatically assign the session to the next available rep so they can begin chatting with the customer immediately. The rep can access canned messages such as a standard help desk greeting, but what they really want to do is request screen sharing so they can see the screen and fix the problem first-hand.

When screen sharing is started, the Bomgar customer client will elevate from a chat-only session into a full customer support session. The customer will be prompted to accept this elevation request, and then the Bomgar customer client will be downloaded. The session will transition seamlessly from a chat-only session to the full customer support client. They'll allow the screen-sharing request.

Now the rep can go about the business of fixing this person's problem. From there, the rep can resolve the issue, close out of the Bomgar session, and automatically view the interaction data within HP Service Manager.

Thanks for watching. For more information about integrating Bomgar with HP Service Manager, please visit