Configure Bomgar for the ServiceNow Basic Integration

All of the steps in this section take place in the Bomgar /login administrative interface. Access your Bomgar interface by going to the hostname of your Bomgar Appliance followed by /login (e.g.,

Verify That the API Is Enabled

Enable XML API

The Bomgar Integration requires the Bomgar XML API to be enabled. This feature is used from within the integrating software to communicate with the Bomgar APIs.

Go to /login > Management > API Configuration and verify that Enable XML API is checked.

Create a ServiceNow API Account

The ServiceNow API account is used from within ServiceNow to make Bomgar Command API calls to Bomgar.

Bomgar 16.2 and later

API :: Account :: Add

  1. Go to /login > Management > API Configuration.
  2. Click Create New API Account and name it ServiceNow or something similar.
  3. Set Command API to Full Access.
  4. Under Reporting API, check all options.
  5. The OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret are used during the OAuth configuration step in ServiceNow. Make note of these and store them in a secure location.
  6. Click Save Changes.


Bomgar 16.2 and earlier

User Account Settings

  1. Go to /login > Users & Security > Users.
  2. Click Create New User and name it ServiceNow or something similar.
  3. Leave Must Reset Password at Next Login unchecked.
  4. Set Password Expires On to Never Expires.
  1. Set Support Session Reporting Permissions to Allowed to View Reports and View All Sessions.
  2. Check Allowed to View Support Session Recordings.
  3. Check Allowed to Use Reporting API and Allowed to Use Command API.
  4. Enable Allowed to provide remote support.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and save the account.