Add Ticket Updates in KACE Service Desk

This feature enables Bomgar to automatically update the appropriate KACE tickets with Bomgar session data, including chat transcripts, system information and session recording links, depending on the configuration. Once configured, after a Bomgar session is ended which was keyed to a KACE ticket, the details for that session will be automatically entered in the KACE ticket for the session by Bomgar. The KACE ticket id is stored in the "External Key" field of the Bomgar session. This will be done automatically for Bomgar sessions started from KACE, but it can be done manually using the Edit External Key field, if the necessary permission is granted to the user.

Note: Users of do not need to follow the configuration steps below; instead, they should simply enter their KACE appliance URL, Email, and Time Zone in the Dell KACE Config page of the Bomgar Self Service Center.

Create a Bomgar Outbound Event

  1. Log into the Bomgar Appliance's /login web interface as an admin user and browse to Management > Email Configuration.
  2. Enter the appropriate SMTP server details for the mail server which Bomgar should use to send email.

    Note: If there are errors, first verify Bomgar can reach the server over the SMTP port you specified. This can be done from the /appliance interface under Support. If this succeeds and SMTP is still failing, contact the SMTP server administrator and make sure the Bomgar Appliance's email address has been explicitly added as an allowed relay address.

  3. Switch to the Outbound Events page, click Add New Email Recipient and take the following configuration steps.
    • Focus the Name field and enter the name of the KACE Service Desk which will be using Bomgar.
    • Enter the email address which the Service Desk uses to create and update tickets from users.
    • Check the Require External Key box.
    • Customize the Events to Send as desired by following the instructions and macros on the configuration page.
    • Click Add Recipient at the bottom of the page.

Create a Service Desk User

  1. Log into the Dell KACE K1000 /admin interface as an admin user.
  2. Browse to Settings > Users, click the Choose Action dropdown, and pick New from the list.

    Note: In previous versions of KACE, this was located under Service Desk > Users.

  3. Take the following steps to configure the user.
    • Focus the User Name field and enter noreplybomgar, or something similarly descriptive.
    • Focus the Email field, enter where is the address of the Bomgar Appliance.

      Note: The email of the Bomgar Appliance is configurable, but it can be copied from Management > Email Configuration in the /login interface.

    • Assign any password and click Save.

Test the Configuration

  1. Log into a Bomgar representative console and start a session with the local host or another test machine.
  2. Log into the K1000 /admin interface, create the new ticket (or open one), and copy the ticket's ID number (e.g., TICK:0017).
  3. Return to the Bomgar console, click Edit External Key immediately below the chat box, and paste the clipboard contents into the resulting window.

    Note: The result should include both TICK: and all subsequent numbers.

  4. Click OK in the Edit External Key dialogue and end the session.
  5. Open the KACE ticket used above and validate that the session details are added to it as a ticket update from the "noreplybomgar" user.

If the ticket is not updated within approximately 60 seconds, check the Bomgar Appliance's outbound event status in the /login interface. If this reads "OK", then check the logs on the SMTP server configured for Bomgar and validate the email message was received and relayed. If it was, check to make sure the email address for the "noreplybomgar" user matches that shown in the Bomgar SMTP configuration page. If all of this is the case, redirect the outbound event in Bomgar to your personal email address and re-run the test. If you receive the email (be sure to check for spam), then contact Dell KACE support.

Note: K1000 6.3 deprecated the option to submit tickets via email and no longer recognizes the string "TICK:" when used in the external key field. If the external key field holds only the ticket number without "TICK:", the ticket closes properly, but the session information spawns a new ticket with the session info appended. If you upgrade to KACE 6.3 and must have ticket updates working, contact Bomgar Support.