Get Bomgar Session Key from KACE Service Desk

This section of the guide explains how to configure a KACE Service Desk queue to allow Service Desk ticket owners to generate a Bomgar remote support session key using the KACE Service Desk ticket management interface. To do this, the Bomgar API must be turned on and enabled for issue submission. In KACE, the necessary ticket Field and its associated ticket Rule must be added. Steps to test and use this feature are included in the final section.

Note: This feature is not supported for customers due to limitations in the API for

Configure the Bomgar API

  1. Log into the /login interface of the Bomgar Appliance as an admin.
  2. Browse to Management > API Configuration and check the Enable XML API box.

API :: Configuration

  1. Browse to Public Portals > Public Sites and Edit the site to be integrated with KACE.
  2. Ensure Use Issue Submission Survey is set to either Public Site and API or API Only.

Customize the Ticket Field

  1. Open the Queue Customization page.
    • Log into the KACE /admin interface as an admin, browse to Service Desk > Configuration > Queues.
    • Click on the name of the queue to be integrated with Bomgar.
    • Click Customize Fields and Layout to open the Queue Customization page.
  2. Configure the Ticket Layout.
    • Scroll down to the Ticket Layout table, identify an unused record with CUSTOM in its name field, and click the Edit item icon for the record.

      Note: If no record is available, a new one can be added by scrolling to the Custom Fields table and clicking the Add Item icon at the top of the column containing the Edit and Remove icons.

    • Focus the Label text box and enter Get Bomgar Key; next, click the Permissions dropdown and select Owners Only - Hidden from Users.
    • Save the record.
  3. Configure the Custom Fields.
    • Scroll down to the Custom Fields table and locate the record of the same name as the Ticket Layout record configured above.
    • Click the Edit item icon of the record and select Link from the Field Type dropdown.
    • Save the record.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Create the Ticket Rule

  1. Add a new SQL ticket rule as follows:
    • Browse to Service Desk > Configuration > Queues and click the name of the appropriate queue.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Customize next to Custom Ticket Rules.
    • Click Choose Action and select New (SQL)
  2. Configure the Name, Description, and Select SQL text fields as follows:
    • Focus the Title text box and enter Get Bomgar Key.
    • Focus the Description text box and enter: This link downloads a Bomgar Representative Console Script (.brcs-sitename) file which launches the representative console of the local system and generates a Bomgar session key. The resulting session will have the External Key of the KACE ticket from which the script was downloaded. Firefox and Chrome can be configured to auto-launch the script.
    • Focus the Select SQL text box and enter:
      • select
      • HD_TICKET.*,
      • owner.EMAIL as OWNER_EMAIL,
      • if ((LENGTH(owner.FULL_NAME) = 0), owner.USER_NAME,
      • owner.FULL_NAME) as OWNER_NAME,
      • submitter.EMAIL as SUBMITTER_EMAIL
      • from
      • HD_TICKET
      • left outer join USER owner on owner.ID = HD_TICKET.OWNER_ID
      • left outer join USER submitter on submitter.ID = HD_TICKET.SUBMITTER_ID
  3. Focus the Update SQL text box and configure it as follows:
    • Enter the following SQL code:
      • update HD_TICKET as T
      • set T.CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE0 = concat('', T.ID)
      • where T.HD_QUEUE_ID=X
    • Replace 0 in CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE0 with the Get Bomgar Key Ticket Layout number, minus one.

      Note: For example, if the Ticket Layout record name were CUSTOM_2, then the SQL would use CUSTOM_1. The Ticket Layout number can be found under Service Desk > Configuration > Queues by clicking Customize Fields and Layout.

    • Replace with the URL of the Bomgar Appliance.
    • Replace X with the queue id of the queue being modified.

      Note: To find the queue id, browse to Service Desk > Configuration > Queues and hover the cursor over the queue's name. The queue id is the number at the end of the resulting URL.

  4. Scroll to the Schedule section, click the Frequency dropdown, and select on Ticket Save.
  5. Save the ticket rule at the bottom of the page.


This test assumes there is a Bomgar representative console installed on the local system.

  1. Log into KACE, browse to Service Desk, and either select an existing ticket or create a new one for testing.

    Note: Before the ticket is saved, it is normal for the Get Bomgar Key field to read, Please Enter a Valid URL. If it is necessary to create a new ticket, click the Choose Action dropdown and select Add New Item. It is necessary to select the appropriate queue and fill out any required fields as configured by the KACE admin.

  2. Click Save.

    Note: When the page reloads, the Get Bomgar Key field should update automatically with a hyperlink similar to the following: If this does not occur, re-check the SQL for the ticket rule with special attention to the CUSTOM_X numbers. These must be one less than the corresponding numbers in the name of the Get Bomgar Key ticket field.

  3. Click the link and run the resulting brcs file download.

    Note: It may be necessary to allow pop-ups for this to work. The brcs file has an extension which is specific to the Bomgar site that generates it; therefore, it is both safe and convenient to have the browser auto-launch the file, if possible. In Chrome, right-click the download in the downloads bar and select Always launch files of this type. In Firefox, select Open with Bomgar Representative Console (default) and check Do this automatically. IE cannot auto-launch downloads.

The test is successful if the Bomgar representative console on the local system opens, prompts for login (if auto-login is not enabled), and displays a Session Key Generated window.