Use Device Actions to Connect through KACE

The Device Actions feature provides an automated way to connect with remote hosts through Bomgar using Dell KACE's Inventory.

Note: Customers using will not have access to the Jump Client Device Action; however, they will be able to use the Local Push version.


  1. Log into the Bomgar /login interface as an admin user, browse to Management > API Configuration, and validate the Enable XML API box is checked.
  2. Log into the Dell KACE Management Center as an admin user and navigate to Settings > General Settings.
  3. Scroll to Device Actions and modify or create an action using the following steps.
    • Focus the Name field and enter Bomgar Push.
    • Click the Custom Action dropdown and select Bomgar Push and Start Using HOSTNAME from the list.
    • Focus the Command Line field, highlight http://[REPLACE WITH BOMGAR SITE NAME], and enter where is your Bomgar Appliance hostname.

      Note: customers should enter for this step.

  4. Repeat the above step using Bomgar Pin for the Name field and BOMGAR Pre-installed Jump Client Using HOST NAME for the Custom Action dropdown.

    Note: customers cannot use Jump Clients and should skip this step as a result.

  5. Repeat the above step using Bomgar Intel vPro for the Name field and BOMGAR vPro Connection Using HOST IP for the Custom Action dropdown.

    Note: Intel vPro has an extensive set of hardware, software, and configuration requirements which must be met prior to using this feature in Bomgar or in KACE. Please contact your hardware vendor to confirm whether or not Intel vPro is supported on your machines. If so, follow their instructions to enable it and then add the machines to Bomgar per our Jumpoint guide on

  6. Click Save Actions.


The following test assumes there is already a Bomgar representative console installed on the local system.

  1. Log into the KACE K1000 /admin interface, browse to Inventory, and locate a device which has a Jump Client installed on it.
  2. Click the name of the device, click Action next to the IP Address, and select Bomgar Pin.
  3. Allow pop-ups from the KACE K1000, if necessary, and launch the resulting brcs file download.

    Note: Consider checking Do this automatically for files like this from now on for the brcs file in Firefox's downloads or Always open files of the type in Chrome's download bar. The brcs file extension ends with a name unique to your Bomgar Appliance, so it is safe to launch automatically.

  4. Repeat device Action using the Bomgar Push option.

The Bomgar representative console should launch (it may require authentication) and automatically launch a pinned or pushed session (depending on the action selected in KACE) with the IP address of the device for which the action was selected in KACE.