Open KACE Service Desk Ticket from Bomgar Representative Console Link

The Bomgar Representative console can be configured with a link that opens a new or existing KACE ticket using the default browser. This link appears in the Bomgar session window of the representative console in the chat window bar immediately to the left of the "End or Leave the Support Session" red "X" icon. If the Bomgar session containing the link has an "External Key" with the number of a KACE ticket, that KACE ticket will open. If there is no KACE ticket number, the KACE K1000 appliance's new ticket creation page will load. If a new ticket is created, its ticket number can be added back to the Bomgar session. When Bomgar and KACE are properly configured, Bomgar will post the session details into the appropriate KACE ticket at the end of the session.

Note: Users of simply need to enter their KACE appliance hostname, email address, and time zone on the Dell KACE Config page in the Bomgar Self-Service Center, and this feature should work automatically if the External Key of the Bomgar Session includes a valid KACE ticket number.

Add the Link

  1. Log into the KACE K1000 /admin interface and click Service Desk.
  2. Right-click the "Title" or "Number" of any ticket on the resulting Tickets screen and copy the address.
  3. Log into the Bomgar /login web interface as an admin user, and browse to Rep Console > Custom Links.
  4. Under Rep Console :: Custom Links, click Create New Custom Link. Enter a name for the link, then paste the clipboard contents in the URL field and replace the id number at the end with %EXTERNAL_KEY%.If needed, you can use any of the available macros to customize the link according to your specifications. Click Add Custom Link to save the new link.

    Note: For example, http://k1000beta/adminui/ticket.php?ID=15would read http://k1000beta/adminui/ticket.php?ID=%SESSION.CUSTOM.EXTERNAL_KEY%.


  1. Log into a Bomgar representative console, start a session with the local host or another test machine, and click the Custom Links icon in the upper-right corner of the representative console session window.

    Custom Link Button

    Note: The KACE K1000 new ticket creation page should load.

  2. Log into the K1000 /admin interface (if necessary), create the new ticket, and copy the ticket's ID number (e.g., TICK:0017).
  3. Return to the Bomgar console, click Edit External Key immediately below the chat box, and paste the clipboard contents into the resulting window.

    Note: The result should include both TICK: and all subsequent numbers.

  4. Click OK in the Edit External Key dialogue and click the Custom Link icon again.

    Note: The new ticket should load in the K1000 /admin interface.

If the above steps complete successfully, configuration is complete. If the browser fails to load the correct page, make sure the format of the Custom Link field in Bomgar's /login interface matches the ticket URL copied from the K1000 /admin interface precisely. If changes are made, the representative console must be re-logged to load the changes.