Configure the Bomgar Site

Bomgar Integration Client Site Setup Prompt

  1. After you have created the settings database, you will be prompted to enter information for one or more Bomgar sites from which the integration client will extract session data. Click OK to continue.


Bomgar Integration Client Setup Menu

  1. If the integration client is already installed and you wish to update or add a site, select Site Configuration from the integration client Setup dropdown.


Bomgar Integration Client Site Configuration

  1. When the Site Configuration dialog appears, click the New button to input your Bomgar site information.
  2. Enter a name for this site configuration and the URL of the site (note that https:// should NOT be included)
  3. Provide the username and password for an account on this site with permissions to view all reports and recordings and to use the reporting API. If you plan to pull site backups, the account must also be an admin.


    Note: If the account used has its password reset, the integration client will stop pulling data until its site configuration has been updated. To prevent this break, it is recommended that you create a special account for the integration client with only the permissions necessary to retrieve the desired data and with a password set to never expire.

  4. Optionally, you may apply a password to any backups created. If you do choose to set a password, you must provide this password in order to revert to the backup.
  5. Test the supplied credentials and then click Save.
  6. Note that the integration client supports more than one site. If session data from additional sites needs to be extracted, click the New button again and repeat the configuration process. The host_name in the session table distinguishes the data.
  7. When you have finished entering your Bomgar site information, click Next.