Install the Bomgar Integration Client

Once you have met the prerequisites and received the integration client installation package from Bomgar Technical Support, you are ready to install.

Bomgar Integration Client Setup

  1. To access the integration client installer, you must log into the Bomgar Self-Service Center at > LOG IN.
  2. Once authenticated, click on Patches and Utilities from the side menu.
  3. From the list, locate the integration client compatible with your Bomgar site.
  4. Download the bomgar-ic-setup.exe file to your Windows system and then run it.
  5. From the installation wizard, click Next.


Bomgar Integration Client Setup - Disclaimer

  1. Read and accept the license agreement. If you do not accept the license agreement, you will not be able to proceed with the installation.


Bomgar Integration Client Setup - Destination Folder

  1. Choose where you would like the integration client to install. The default location is C:\Program Files\Bomgar\Integration.


Bomgar Integration Client Setup Completion

  1. After installing the integration client, choose Run Bomgar Integration Client and then click Finish. Once the tool is installed, it must be configured before it can begin extracting session data from a Bomgar site.