Use Cases for the HP Service Anywhere Integration with Bomgar Remote Support

Generate Session Key

Generate Session Key

Support staff can generate a session key that can be given to the end user over the phone or via email to initiate a support session that is automatically associated with the selected ticket. This can be done from an incident or service request.


Import Bomgar Session Data into Ticket

Import Session Data into Ticket

Import Session Data into Ticket

Once the session ends, the ticket is automatically updated with information gathered during the session including:

  • Chat Transcript (including files transferred, special actions, and other events)
  • Session Notes
  • Surveys (customer and representative)

The information is imported into a custom section on the General tab. Also, the information may optionally be imported into the Discussions tab.


Jump to Configuration Item

Jump to Configuration Item

Support staff can leverage Bomgar Jump Technology to access a configuration item associated with a ticket directly from the HP Service Anywhere device record. The URL of the button can be configured in HP Service Anywhere to use the desired Jump type.


Access Ticket from Representative Console

Using Bomgar's custom links ability, a representative can access the associated ticket directly from within the representative console. This saves time searching for the ticket in HP Service Anywhere and provides the representative with any issue details, history, or other context to help quickly resolve the issue.

Manually Associate Sessions with Tickets

Bomgar sessions originating outside the scope of HP Service Anywhere can be manually associated with an HP Service Anywhere ticket during the Bomgar session. To make this association, the representative enters the numeric ID of the incident or service request into the External Key field while in session. When the session ends, the session information is included on the ticket.

Automatic Ticket Creation

Bomgar's integration with HP Service Anywhere supports automatic ticket creation and gives the customer the ability to customize many of the details. Below is an example flow:

Get Help Now Button

  1. The end user clicks on the link in the HP Service Anywhere customer portal to receive help.

    Note: You can configure the link with your logo or choose not to use this link at all.


Support Portal

  1. A new window opens with a support form for the end user to fill in a few details.

    Note: You can restyle or modify the form. For example, you could add an issue list to give end users a choice of issues to select from.


Click-to-Chat Session

  1. A Bomgar click-to-chat session begins.


Service Request

  1. When the representative joins the session, a ticket is automatically created in HP Service Anywhere. The integration can support creating an incident or a service request. While in the Bomgar representative console, the representative can click on the custom link button to open the new ticket in HP Service Anywhere. At the end of the session, the session details are imported into the ticket.