Configure BMC FootPrints 12 for Integration with Bomgar Remote Support

Enable Web Services

Administration Tab

  1. Log into FootPrints as an admin user.
  2. Click the Administration tab.



    System Management > Integration > Web Services

  3. Under System Management, expand Integration and click Web Services.



    Enable availability of external API

  4. If not already checked, check the box to Enable availability of external API.
  5. Click Save to enable the external API web services.


Create an API User Account

Main > User Management > Users

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. Under User Management, click Users.



    User: New

  3. Click the New button to open the new user form.
  4. Complete the form with the following settings:
    1. Role: System Administrator
    2. License Type: Fixed
    3. Name: Bomgar Integration (example only; actual value can be anything)
    4. User ID: bomgar_integration (example only; actual value can be anything)
    5. Authentication Method: FootPrints
    6. Password: (Create a password)
    7. Licensing: (Uncheck the boxes for CMDB, Mobile, and Change Approvers)



    Assign Containers to User

  5. Under Assign Containers to User, select the containers to which the integration applies and select Agent as the Role for each.
  6. Click Save to create the API user account.