Configure Smart IT for the Integration between BMC Remedy and Bomgar Remote Support

If your environment has Smart IT available, there are a few use cases that can be implemented within Smart IT.

Generate Bomgar Session Key

SmartIT Screen Configuration

  1. Log into Smart IT as an admin user (<protocol>://<mid-tier-server>:<port>/ux/smart-it/#/).
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Screen Configuration.


SmartIT Incident View

  1. In the Incident View section, select Add/Remove Actions.


SmartIT Incident View - Add/Remove Actions

  1. Create a new action with the following settings:
    1. Action Type: Client-side URL
    2. Supported Platforms: Desktop Web (UC)
    3. URL/URI: https://<bomgar-hostname>/api/client_script?public_portal_hostname=<bomgar-public-portal-hostname>&type=rep&operation=generate&action=generate_session_key&session.custom.external_key=[id]
    4. Open Behavior: New Browser Window
    5. Default Label Text: Generate Bomgar Session Key
  2. Save the action.


Leverage SmartRecorder to Create Incidents

Bomgar 15.1 and later

  1. Log into the Bomgar /login interface as an admin user.
  2. Browse to Rep Console > Custom Links.
  3. Under Rep Console :: Custom Links, click Create New Custom Link.
  4. Create a link with the following settings:
    1. Name: Create Incident via BMC Smart IT
    2. URL: <protocol>://<mid-tier-server>:<port>/ux/smart-it/#/create/smart-recorder?customer=%CUSTOMER.NAME%&desc=%SESSION.DETAILS%
  5. Click Add Custom Link to save the new link.

Bomgar 15.0 and earlier

  1. Log into the Bomgar /login interface as an admin user.
  2. Browse to Configuration > Options > Representative Console :: Custom Link.
  3. Set the URL to <protocol>://<mid-tier-server>:<port>/ux/smart-it/#/create/smart-recorder?customer=%CUSTOMER.NAME%&desc=%SESSION.DETAILS%
  4. Click Save.