API Command: get_appliances

The get_appliances command returns XML data containing all configured Bomgar Appliances in a failover relationship or cluster.

In order to issue the get_appliances command, you will need to supply the username and password for a Bomgar user account. That account must have the permission Allowed to Use Command API.

XML Response for get_appliances

<appliances> Contains an <appliance> element for each connected appliance. If an error occurs, it will contain an <error> element describing the problem.

Element Names and Attributes

id (attribute) The appliance's GUID.

The name of the appliance.


The public hostname of the appliance.

<cluster_role> The role the appliance plays in a cluster. Can be one of single (if not part of a cluster), master, or traffic.
<failover_role> The role the appliance plays in a failover relationship. Can be one of none (if failover is not configured), primary, or backup.
<accepting_connections> Integer value (1 or 0) indicating if this appliance accepts new client connections. If not part of a cluster, this will always be 1.
<timezone_offset> The number of seconds away from UTC.

Query Example: get_appliances