Replace a Bomgar Appliance in a Failover Scenario

If your Bomgar Appliance should experience failure, Bomgar Technical Support is prepared to help you return to full functionality as quickly as possible. If you have already set up a failover appliance, you can continue working with minimal downtime. Bomgar Technical Support will work with you to determine if the offline appliance needs to be replaced. This quick guide gives you the steps to replace a Bomgar Appliance when you have it set up in a failover scenario.

This document is not comprehensive in its details. Rather, it is a tool to help you assemble the information you need to replace a Bomgar Appliance. You may need to refer to other Bomgar documents during this process. For your convenience, these documents are linked to below:

Install the New Appliance

Reference Bomgar Appliance Hardware Installation Guide for installation details and The Bomgar Appliance in the Network to determine where to set up your new appliance. See Bomgar Appliance Web Interface for further details regarding the /appliance interface.

  1. Install the appliance and log in.
    1. When you receive your new appliance, remove it from its packaging and connect the appliance to a switch.

      Note: You may wish to save the packaging materials from the replacement appliance to return the defective appliance.

    2. Set an IP address of on a workstation and connect to a port on the same switch as the appliance.
    3. Browse to in a browser, and log in using the default username and password:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: password

      Note: If fails, try browsing to or

  2. Set up the IP configuration.
    1. Browse to Networking > IP Configuration.
    2. Enter the appropriate IP configuration settings for the network.
    3. Save the changes and test connectivity over the new IP address.
  3. Import SSL certificates.
    1. Log into the /appliance web interface of the primary appliance, the appliance which is currently hosting all of your Bomgar support processes.
    2. Browse to Security > Certificates and export the certificate chain that is assigned to the active IP address.
    3. Log into the /appliance web interface of the new appliance.
    4. Import the certificates from the primary appliance and assign the server certificate to the active IP address.

Restore the Failover Configuration

For detailed failover instructions, reference the Failover Dynamics and Options with Bomgar and the Upgrade the Bomgar Software.

  1. Register the appliance.
    1. In the /appliance web interface of the new appliance, browse to the Status > Basics page and take a screenshot.
    2. Email the screenshot of the Status > Basics page to your Bomgar Technical Support representative.
    3. The Bomgar Technical Support team will build a new software package and email you installation instructions when it is ready.
  2. Refer to the Failover Configuration section of the Upgrade Guide and follow either the synchronous or the asynchronous upgrade steps, depending on the preferred procedure.

    Note: If you have the original .nss software package that is installed on the primary appliance, you can simply install that software package on the backup appliance. You can then proceed to establish failover without installing the new software package mentioned above.

    1. Since the appliances will not begin in failover, simply skip the Break Failover Relationship step in the Upgrade Guide.
    2. If you choose to upgrade asynchronously, you must begin by downloading a backup from the primary appliance's /login > Management > Software Management page. Then restore these settings to the new appliance.
    3. Follow the rest of the failover procedure as outlined in the Upgrade Guide.
  3. Notify your Bomgar Technical Support representative that the upgrade is complete. Bomgar Technical Support will then provide you with the return shipping label and instructions for the failed appliance.

Return the Defective Appliance

  1. Reset and shut down the defective appliance.
    1. Log into the /appliance web interface of the defective appliance.
    2. Browse to the Status > Basics page, and click Reset Appliance to Factory Defaults.
    3. Wait for the reset to complete, and then click Shut Down This Appliance.
  2. Use the shipping label and instructions from Bomgar Technical Support along with the packaging materials from the replacement appliance to return the defective appliance.