Service Limitations

As an authorized account representative requesting support, you have several responsibilities to ensure the support process goes smoothly:

  • Provide Contact: During the initial evaluation or purchase process, the authorized contact is responsible for indicating which individual(s) are the primary technical contacts for all product updates. The technical contact person needs to have solid, relevant network and server administration experience, to have an accurate understanding of the network environment and to have obtained a level of competence with the Bomgar software.
  • Track Bomgar Updates: While Bomgar Support does their best to communicate product updates and changes, it is the responsibility of the authorized contact to review the Bomgar Support Portal, the Bomgar Change Log, and other various marketing materials for any available software updates.
  • Follow Backup Procedures: As a Bomgar customer, the authorized contact agrees to keep full and current backups of Bomgar data, using the tools provided. It is extremely important to perform backups prior to any upgrades or updates.
  • Read Documentation: Authorized contacts are responsible for utilizing the latest documentation provided via the, the Bomgar Support Portal, and/or email for handling and operating the Bomgar software.
  • Comply with Instructions: When Bomgar Support communicates with authorized contacts, it is expected that a commercially reasonable effort has been made to both comprehend the material and execute any instructions provided.
  • Report in Detail: Before submitting an incident report, it is expected that any changes made to the Bomgar Appliance and the environment have been documented and a reasonable attempt has been made to reproduce the reported incident, if appropriate. In order to provide an efficient resolution to the incident reported, an accurate and detailed account must be provided about the issue, and all responses to Bomgar Support must occur in a timely fashion when additional information is requested.
  • Provide Qualified Staff: When participation or access to staff is needed to arrive at a satisfactory resolution, the staff member(s) must be available at times mutually agreed upon. It is the responsibility of the authorized contact that staff members assigned to work with Bomgar Support possess the required skills, experience, equipment, and/or administrative access required to assist in resolving the incident.

When failing to fulfill any of the responsibilities, Bomgar Support reserves the right to revise the timetable for the delivery of support services. In this event, a notification is sent.

Bomgar Support does not provide services that include or result from:

  • Uses of or changes to your Bomgar hardware or software not explicitly authorized by Bomgar or the EULA.
  • Network, systems, operation, or other environmental factors not within the direct control of Bomgar.
  • Failure to install product updates according to the instructions provided.
  • Consultative advice and assistance, such as:
    • Configuration/reconfiguration of new or existing network equipment.
    • Customization of the Bomgar product, including the public portals' graphics and layout.
    • Programming code or code snippets for use in customizing Bomgar public portals or integrations with Bomgar.
  • Services related to non-Bomgar products including any updates required for compatibility with Bomgar products.