Port Over Permanent Hostname

Alternatively, you can preserve your appliance hostname by porting over your DNS to the temporary site’s IP address. Bomgar does not recommend this method as the change may take a significant amount of time.

  1. Update your appliance’s DNS entry to resolve to the temporary site’s IP. If you do not actively control your DNS management, you must submit a change order request to redirect your DNS to the temporary site’s IP.
  2. You will now have to wait for the DNS change to propagate. When an A-record is changed in your DNS server, it may take some time for other DNS servers that have cached your old IP address entry to expire and update to the new IP address. You will have to wait for this change to take place both on the front end when the temporary site is created and on the back-end when your appliance comes back online.
  3. If you are using LDAP authentication, you may need to configure a Connection Agent to re-establish Security Provider connectivity. If you are using a Connection Agent currently and the Connection Agent is able to get to the Internet (not just the DMZ where the box is located), then the Connection Agent will continue to work. If you are using direct LDAP to your security provider, you will need to install a Connection Agent.