Advanced: Use the API to Integrate Bomgar with Your External Site

The Bomgar Application Programming Interface allows your development team to utilize the Bomgar functionality within your own support processes and external portals. The Bomgar API allows you to:

  • Generate Bomgar sessions
  • Manage Bomgar sessions
  • Access Bomgar's reporting features
  • Back up your Bomgar site configuration

While the Bomgar API supports the different areas described above, this document only contains customer examples that utilize the Bomgar API to generate Bomgar sessions. This document does not show examples for the other three areas supported by the Bomgar API, and it is not intended to show you actual coding examples. For detailed API information, refer to the Bomgar API Programmer's Guide.

It is important to note that using the Bomgar API requires knowledge of API usage and programming as a prerequisite. It is each customer's responsibility to manage their specific integration needs. For information about Bomgar's professional integration services, see

Session Generation

Using the API, sessions can be generated in the same three ways as with the Bomgar public site, previously described in this document. These methods include:

  1. Selecting a named representative
  2. Submitting a unique session key
  3. Submitting an issue submission form



IMPORTANT! These sites are provided as examples only. Please do not contact these companies for assistance with your Bomgar solution. Instead, please visit

An example support portal

Example Support Portal

Depicted to the right is an example of one of Bomgar's customers, Computer Integrated Solutions, who utilizes the Bomgar API. Once a CIS customer selects Live Support from the main CIS web site, the actual support page is shown. The customer can then start a session by entering a unique session key, which is supported by the Bomgar API.


Example Support Portal

Another example of a Bomgar customer is RetailerSoft, who utilizes the Bomgar API to start sessions. At this site, customers can start a session by selecting a support representative. This representative list uses the Bomgar API functionality of selecting a named representative.


Example Support Portal

In the customer example to the right, PDS Cortext Support Center uses the Bomgar API to start a session by selecting a named representative.


Example Support Portal

Depicted to the right is another example of a Bomgar customer, Barry Trent, who uses the Bomgar API to start sessions using the issue submission form.