Customizing the Bomgar Support Portal

Upload Resources to the File Store

The Bomgar Appliance provides a file store, located at the /files directory, that can be utilized in Bomgar Customize the Public Site Web Template. Here is an example of uploading an image file that contains a logo. The logo image is used later to update the HTML template itself.

  1. From the /login administrative interface, go to Public Portals > File Store.

Public Portals > File Store

File Store :: Upload

  1. From the File Store :: Upload section of the web page, Browse to select your file or files.
  2. Click on Upload File(s). In this example, only one file was selected and uploaded, "technologycompany_logo.jpg".
  3. In the Customize the Public Site Web Template section, you will see how to utilize the file that was stored through this upload process.

Note: The maximum size for the entire file store is 1GB. However, file store for cloud deployments may vary.