Site Configuration to Deploy Bomgar Atlas Cluster Technology

Atlas Cluster Global Concept

Bomgar Atlas Technology is designed for large-scale geographical deployments of Bomgar. With Atlas, you use a single Bomgar site across multiple appliances, referred to as nodes in a cluster. Since the administration is primarily performed on a master appliance, Bomgar cluster configuration has minimal administration impact.

Learn more about Bomgar Atlas Technology in the Atlas White Paper.

This guide describes the step-by-step setup details and the options you may wish to consider.

  1. Review the Prerequisites to Set Up Multiple Appliances in Atlas Clusters and the Optional Considerations when Setting Up Multiple Appliances in Atlas Clusters.
  2. Configure each Bomgar Appliance as if it were a stand-alone appliance, using the same software package on each appliance.
  3. Configure the Inter-Appliance Communication Pre-Shared Key for Atlas Clusters.
  4. Configure the Primary Master Node in an Atlas Cluster.
  5. Configure the Traffic Nodes in an Atlas Cluster, taking into consideration Methods for Choosing Traffic Nodes in an Atlas Cluster.
  6. Perform a Bomgar Atlas Technology Cluster Data-Sync.
  7. Perform a Bomgar Atlas Technology Cluster Test.

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