Login to the Representative Console for iOS

Representative Console Login - Username and Password - iPad 

From the login screen, enter your Bomgar site hostname, such as support.example.com. Then enter the username and password associated with your Bomgar user account. You can choose to have the Bomgar representative console remember your login credentials. Then tap Login.

Note: If two factor authentication has been enabled for your account, enter the email code you have received. If you enter the email code incorrectly three consecutive times, you will have to re-enter your credentials and get a new email code.

Note: Your administrator may require you to be on an allowed network to log into the console. This network restriction may apply only the first time you log in or every time. This restriction does not apply to rep invites.

Representative Console Login Method

Alternatively, if you have been invited by another representative to join a session one time only, tap Authenticate Using and select Rep Invite Key.


Representative Console Login - Rep Invite Key

Enter the rep invite key provided with your invitation and then tap Login.




iOS Mobile Representative Console Preferences, Require Touch ID option