Close the Session in the iOS Rep Console

End or Hold Session - iPad  End or Hold Session - iPhone

To exit a session on an iPad, tap the X in the upper right corner of the screen. To exit a session on an iPhone, tap the Actions button, and then tap the X at the bottom of the menu. You will have one or more options for exiting the session.

Close Session

If you are the session owner, End Session closes the session page in your representative console and removes any additional representatives who may be sharing the session. It also uninstalls the customer client from the remote system. However, it will not delete an installed Jump Client.

If you choose Hold Session, your session page will close, but the session will return to wait in your personal queue. If any additional representatives are sharing the session, they will remain in session.

Leave Session

If you are not the session owner, tapping Leave Session will simply remove you from the session. The session will continue to be supported by the session owner.