Log into the Representative Console

Bomgar Login

Bomgar Rep Invite Login with Session Key

After installing the Bomgar representative console, launch the representative console from its directory location as defined during installation.

Note: By default, in Windows, you can access the console from Start Menu > All Programs > Bomgar > support.example.com, where support.example.com is the hostname of the site from which you downloaded the console.

At the prompt, enter your username and password.


The Authentication Challenge prompt stating to enter in a code from your Authenticator App.

If two-factor authentication is enabled for your account, enter the code from the authenticator app.

Note: Users who were authenticating using email codes will be automatically upgraded to two-factor authentication (2FA), although they may continue to use email codes until they register an app. Once they begin to use 2FA, the email code option is permanently disabled.


The Bomgar login prompt showing Kerberos authentication.

Alternatively, if your administrator has configured a Kerberos server to enable single sign-on, you can log into the console without entering your credentials.

Invited users can also enter a session key to join a shared session on a one-time basis.

Check Remember my login information to have the console save your username and password. This option can be enabled or disabled from /login > Management > Security.

If you have multiple languages enabled for your site, select the language you wish to use from the dropdown beside the globe icon. If you wish to change the selected language after logging in, you must log back out to choose another language.

Once you log in, the console will open, and a Bomgar icon will appear in your computer’s system tray. If you close the console but remain logged in, you can reopen the window by double-clicking the system tray icon or by right-clicking the icon and selecting Show Window.

Note: Your administrator may require you to be on an allowed network to log into the console. This network restriction may apply only the first time you log in or every time. This restriction does not apply to rep invites.

Attempting to Restore Connection

If you should lose your connection, the representative console attempts to reconnect for 60 seconds. If your connection is restored within this time, your representative console reopens, restoring all of your open sessions. If the connection cannot be restored within this time, your sessions fall back according to the rules set on /login > Configuration > Options, and you are prompted to retry login or quit.

If you are logged into the representative console in one location and then log in from another, your open sessions are maintained.

Note: To log in with an account already in use and forcibly close the connection on the other system, the setting Terminate Session If Account Is In Use must be checked on the /login > Management > Security page.