Access the Remote Command Shell

Remote command shell enables a privileged user to open a virtual command line interface to the remote computer. The user can then type locally but have the commands executed on the remote computer. You can work from multiple shells. Note that scripts available to the user may also be executed on the remote computer from the screen sharing interface.

Your administrator can also enable remote shell recording so that a video of each shell can be later viewed from the session report.

Note that localization is limited to 1-byte characters for this feature. The use of 2-byte characters (certain language packs) may change expected behavior of some features.

Command Shell

Command Shell Tools


End Remote Command Shell Access

Stop command prompt access when it is no longer needed.

Add New Command Shell

Remove Command Shell

Open a new shell to run multiple instances of command prompt, or close individual shells without relinquishing command prompt access. Shells are tabulated at the bottom of the screen.


Run Script through Remote Command Shell

If permitted, access a dropdown of previously written scripts. When you select a script to run, you will see a prompt with a brief description of the script. When you click Yes, the script will run in the active command shell.


Save Remote Command Shell Log

Save a log file of the current shell to your computer.

 Command Shell Size

Select the size at which to view the display. Choose from 80x50, 80x25, or any size.