Manage Bomgar Buttons

Bomgar Buttons allow customers to initiate a support session to their assigned support team, enter a session key, or submit an issue to a support queue. Deployed Bomgar Buttons can be managed from the Bomgar Button management interface. Note that a mass-deployed Bomgar Button installed in system-wide mode must be removed using Add/Remove Programs or system management tools.

Extended Availability Support Menu Toggle

Access the Bomgar Button management interface from:

  • the Support menu of the representative console
  • the Bomgar Buttons button at the top of the representative console


Search Bomgar Buttons

The Bomgar Button management interface displays a list of deployed Bomgar Buttons along with usage statistics.

Administrators see all deployed Bomgar Buttons, while privileged users can see the buttons associated with their personal queue and their team queues.

Click the search icon to select which fields to search. Then type in the text entry box and press enter to perform a search. Additionally, you can sort the data rows by clicking on a column header.


Edit Bomgar Button

The Bomgar Button usage statistics include:

  • Static fields:
    • ID
    • Customer Name
    • Computer Name
    • Deploy Date
    • Mass Deployed (Yes/No)
    • Deployed By (Representative Private Display Name)
    • Usage Count
    • Last Used Date (or Never if none yet)
    • Install Mode (User or System)
    • Icon Preview
  • Dynamic (allowed to edit) fields:
    • Description
    • Profile
    • Deployed To (Queue)
    • Enabled (Yes/No)
    • Expiration
    • Public Portal


Edit Mutiple Bomgar Buttons

You can also Edit the dynamic fields, Revoke a Bomgar Button, or Export the Bomgar Button usage statistics to a *.csv file. If you revoke a mass-deployed Bomgar Button installed for all users of a system, the button may be removed only by using the system Add or Remove Programs control panel or systems management tools.

If you select Edit from the Bomgar Button Management Interface, you can edit any of the dynamic fields. If multiple Bomgar Buttons are selected to edit, Multiple Values is displayed in any dynamic fields that have different values.


If you select to Export the usage statistics, the file selection screen is shown. You can enter the file name desired and the location where you wish to save the *.csv file.

Bomgar Button CSV Reporting