Credential Management in Bomgar Remote Support (On-Premises)

Bomgar Remote Support can be integrated with Bomgar Vault to improve password security for representatives, privileged users, and vendors. Bomgar Vault helps companies secure, manage, and administer shared credentials and enables administrators to manage and rotate passwords for privileged accounts. Bomgar Vault includes credential management, secure password storage, password rotation, and credential discovery.

Bomgar Vault is deployed separately from the Bomgar Remote Support instance and requires Windows 2012, 2012 RS, or 2016 operating systems, SQL Server, and Internet Information Services (ISS). An Endpoint Credential Manager (ECM) functions as the middleware for communication, and the ECM can be used to integrate Bomgar Remote Support with other password vaults, such as Lieberman or Thycotic.

Credential injection is a built-in feature of Bomgar Remote Support. It allows administrators, representatives, and other privileged users to seamlessly inject credentials into systems without exposing plain text passwords, and this feature can also be used with third-party vault tools. The Bomgar Vault solution rotates credentials, their associated services, and even groups or clusters of servers with the same credential at the same time - all without disrupting user productivity.

Bomgar Vault can be configured for high-availability and disaster recovery systems to ensure the system is always available. Bomgar Vault communications are encrypted and undergo regular penetration testing by both internal resources and verified third parties to ensure the highest level of security is maintained.